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So You Want to…..Workout at Home?

Your favorite gym is closed.

You just began working from home and prefer not to venture out once you day is complete.

Perhaps you want to save yourself some time between all of life’s other obligations.

Whatever your reason, exercising at home is a popular alternative to traditional gyms and studios. With my tips, you can make the most of your at-home workout and build habits you can follow for the long term.


If you have room for weights and cardio equipment, great. If you have smaller space, you can use a mat on the ground or the floor space that results from moving your coffee table. Your exercise space does not have to be fancy or large. It helps to have a specific spot you keep going back; this will signal your body and brain to work out.


The most common barriers to exercise are a lack of time and motivation. An added barrier is having no one to hold you accountable when you exercise at home. For success, find a program you know you will enjoy — that way you are more likely to stick to it.

If you enjoy HIIT, find an online virtual classes. Prefer strength training? Focus on body weight moves and simple weight-training exercises. If you prefer cardio and have equipment at home, like a treadmill or bike, use them. Focus on committing to moving and less focus on what you do.


For gym goers, while at the gym, you are surrounded by motivation: free weights, weight machines, etc.

When you exercise at home you are also surrounded——by distractions: electronics, bed, couch, fridge and other distractions.

That’s why it can be helpful to build your workout into your day, rather than struggling to exercise after your day is over.


Using your body weight will grant you a good workout. Pushups, lunges, squats and planks work wonders.

If you want to take your training up a notch, adding weights is a good idea. Invest in the following equipment:

  • A mat
  • Resistance bands
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettle bells

Resistance bands are very functional. They are safe and effective and can be used anywhere. Kettle bells are great for total-body moves like swings, but it can also replace dumbbells for upper- and lower-body exercises, including curls, presses, squats, lunges, core work and more.

If you want to take things a step further, try a step. They’re great for cardio and can also be incorporated into body weight work. A large exercise ball, a weighted medicine ball and a jump rope are also smart choices if you have the space to house and use them.


Fitness trainers, group fitness classes or your friends to keep you accountable and working hard. If you exercise at home. you need goals t motivate you to keep going.

Set goals to do so many workout each week and build from there. Keep tabs on your workouts. Use a calendar to do this. Put said calendar on your fridge or beside your desk. Setting challenging (but reasonable) goals can keep you engaged, especially as you begin to notice improvements and progress.

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