4 Ways to Beat “I Will Start Tomorrow” Trap


1. Determine Your “Why”

To reach your goals, you should first determine why you are chasing the dream that you want to chase. To do this, actually write this important piece of information on paper.  Ask yourself why it is important to step forward to achieve your dreams and what you are procrastinating.  The simple act of writing out your goals will make you more likely to complete your goal.

Motivation rooted in something that is negative or superficial is likely to elicit the inner rebel within. This is because what is superficial is often attached to restriction and consequences.  If you focus on losing 10 pounds, you will likely consume an over-restricting diet to do so. Instead, focus on being positive and deep-rooted personal values. This will lead to immediate changes and more enthusiasm to begin right away.  Instead of thinking “I need to diet to lose 10 pounds”, consider thinking “becoming more active so I can live a healthy long life”. 

2.  Baby Steps

Big dreams require big change. The time to begin working towards those big dreams is now. To begin tomorrow is an attractive starting point.  Procrastination more than likely will come if the intended changes are extreme. Stress may arise. The solution: commit to one small step at a time. Ideally, the small step should be something that is achievable.

If you are trying to lose weight, hydration is key for success. Staying hydrated will help to replenish energy levels and will halt confusing thirst for hunger.  Place water in a place that is easily accessible and visible. You will more likely to reach for the water and create a healthy habit.

Choose your small step to make and get the confidence boost to continue making small changes for a healthier lifestyle.

3.  Progress, Not Perfection

Consistency with healthy habits is required for lasting changes. At first, the quest for perfect consistency leads to quitting prematurely or inaction.  To avoid this remember that what you do most of the time ranks high in comparison to what you do some of the time. Make supportive decisions towards your goals daily for that’s overall success.

4.  Build A Support Team

Share your fitness goals with others. Include family and friends on your health journey in enjoyable and collaborative ways.  Invite friends on your weekly runs or have them attend group fitness classes with you. Create new family traditions such as homemade meal and backyard sports instead of the traditional movie night and delivery pizza.  Personal trainers and registered dietitians add extra help and accountability.



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