Meet the Coach

IMG_8418Originally from St. Paul, my family moved to Georgia while I was very young, where I call home. I took part in sports at very young age. I began with the sport of softball and played basketball. My true love of sport was found in gymnastics. I was a trained gymnast from elementary school age to high school age. I was competitive and competed at a state level. Along with gymnastics, I partook in swimming, color guard team and dance team.

I attended Armstrong Atlantic State University where I earned a bachelor’s of science degree in health science with a physical therapy concentration. I obtained another degree while studying physical therapy at The University of Pittsburgh. Science is one of best subjects. I desired to have a career helping people achieve not only physical health, but overall well-being.

Another sport that I feel in love with is long distance running. Growing up I was never a good runner of long distance. I picked up running as a hobby 11 years ago as a means to achieve optimal health and shape. It was not too long after I picked up the sport that I realized I truly enjoyed it much more than I ever did or thought I would. I have run a number of 5Ks in which I fulfilled top placings. I have made big goals to accomplish within this sport that I have yet to achieve.

More recently, I switched from running being my main sport to weight lifting. Weight lifting, like running, is a sport that I never showed excellence. Like with running, I did not become discourage to try something that was so foreign to me. I am a nationally qualified amateur NPC bikini competitor body builder. I have been a competitor for 4 years.

Most recently, I worked as a fitness specialist/exercise teacher and kickboxing trainer and I loved it. Currently, I design weight training and diet plans for many clients.

“Your body will not go where your mind will not push it.”…… remember to strive for progress, not perfection.

Let’s work together!

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