Fit Food Spotlight: Bananas!

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Bananas are a favorite food choice amongst many athletes. Bananas are a versatile food that has topped protein pancakes,  mixed with overnight oats, added to smoothies, stuffed in between bread slices for a nut butter sandwich, consumed as a simple snack an more!

Bananas are a go-to food source for meals that fuel training efforts.

Bananas are such a staple food, one might wonder if bananas could be scientifically proven to be a beneficial food source that in fact makes them so desirable among athletes.

Here are a few proven benefits behind this powerhouse fruit:

  1. Healthy Calories and Carbohydrates

This food s great to add to any meal for those who need to boost calories, but without the over board. There are about 120 calories per medium sized banana. A boost in calories is common need among those who train in high energy expenditures daily.

Bananas are a food with high carbohydrate content in comparison to its fellow macronutrients (this food is low in fat and protein), roughly 27 grams. Carbohydrates provide a boost of energy and it typically consumer before or during exercise. Carbohydrates also replenish muscle glycogen that is depleted during workouts.

2. Potassium to Prevent Cramps

Potassium is an electrolyte that, when in not replenished in the body, can cause muscle cramps. This electrolyte is crucial for nerve response, muscle function, and recovery.

Eating a simple banana is found to be as resourceful as drinking a sports drink. 

3. Gut Health

Bananas contain generous amounts of fiber. Fiber helps with weight maintenance and improves gut health. Extensive research has revealed that increasing fiber intake is beneficial for weight loss.

Many athletes are not in a weight loss state, but maintaining a healthy weight can be accomplished in a healthy way with fiber.

Bananas contain a resistant fiber that feeds on good gut bacteria. This prebiotic is more beneficial in aiding gut health than supplemental probiotics.

A healthy gut is connected to a healthy mind and body!

4. Multi-faceted and Budget-Friendly

Bananas are a low coasting, portable, and versatile. Anyone can grab a banana on the way to the gym, store in a running pack for a mid-workout snack, carry in the car, and much more.

This low cost fruit as one downfall: bananas spoil quickly. This is no reason to omit the powerhouse fruit from your diet. Simply peel overripe bananas, freeze for later use, and use in smoothies or mash into banana bread.

Adding this fruit to your diet can improve athletic success!


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